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The Randolph Chiefs' Group (RCG) synchronizes the diverse talents, experiences, and perspectives of dynamic leaders to improve enlisted quality of life in the San Antonio and Air Force communities. Throughout the year, the RCG spends a great deal of time and resources on programs such as enlisted scholarship programs, junior enlisted appreciation ‘block parties’, promotion events, recognition and awards, and multiple community programs.

In an effort to motivate everyone to get out and start to shed that COVID…..19 pounds :), we are hosting a virtual run for anyone that would like to participate. Many of us have found ourselves staying indoors and not getting as much exercise or fresh air as we all need. Registration is $35 and you can choose whether you wish to participate in a 5K or 10K event. You can complete the distance in any way you wish (run, walk, bike, elliptical), just make sure you complete it. There is no tracking of completion, so we are sticking to our 1st Air Force Core Value of “Integrity First.” All registrants will receive a race medal and bib. You will also have the option to purchase a T-shirt or personalized bib for additional cost.

All money raised will be used for our enlisted members and community events. You can run, walk, hike, bike, or get moving however works best for you!

In addition to or instead of racing, you can donate directly to Randolph Chiefs' Group by clicking here.

Thank you for your support!

Race Date

July 4-11, 2020



Shirt/Bib Info & Deadlines

  • Register by June 21 & your shirt/bib will arrive by July 11
  • Register after June 21 and that swag will not ship until early August 

We will place two shirt orders for this event — one after June 21 and the other July 12. Everyone that registers for a shirt and/or bib will get it - regardless of whether you finish your race.

Shirts are standard Unisex t-shirts that follow "Men's Sizing". Please choose "Men's" below to choose your shirt size.

*Note: registrations are a la carte, so you get to choose what swag you want

Finisher Medal Info

Finisher medals will be shipped to participants as soon as they are recieved from the manufacturer.

How To Register

Please select the swag you want below. All options are preselected for you. To get just a medal ($35), deselect the bib and shirt option. 

Important Info

The official race day is as listed above. Registration will be open through that day as supplies last.

As far as we’re concerned, race days are as listed above and we anticipate that most people will race then - BUT - the advantage of having a virtual race is you can do it when and where works best for you. So it’s up to you. Because we strive to honor the tradition of in-person races, you’ll receive messages as if that is race day for you, but just know that we’re okay with it if you need to do something different.

Please Note: 1) All swag usually ships separately and all timelines are based on US Domestic shipping via the USPS. 2) In rare cases where the shirt style/color we list is out of stock, the next closest color will automatically be substituted for you. 

Shirt Size Charts:
Basic Everyday Shirt

Issues? Email us: [email protected]

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