V2 Dare Mighty Things

Are you ready to join the Dare Mighty Things Challenge?

For this challenge, to earn your medal, choose an activity, a distance, or a time to achieve that will challenge you. We trust you to be honest about how you Dare Mighty Things, so we're leaving the call about what to do up to you.

Swag Information

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All swag options are a la carte, so you choose what you receive. You have the option to add a printed keepsake bib, a t-shirt, and a finisher's medal to your registration. Please be careful when choosing your swag options. They cannot be changed.

Your distance will default to 1 kilometer, but you can go as far as you'd like. From 1 kilometer to 100 kilometers and everywhere in between and beyond, the distance and time is up to you. As always, we use the honor system for our races and challenges, so we trust you'll choose an activity that tests your mettle. Show us and tell us how you Dared Mightily on social, we want to cheer you on!

Remember, to receive your medal you must report your time. Given the unique nature of this challenge, all we ask is that you report A time, even though it may not correspond to the distance selected. You can report your recorded time, you can report just 1 second, just be sure to report so you can receive the medal you worked so hard to earn.

What If I Dare Mightily and Don't Reach My Goal?

Daring mightily is in the attempt, not the outcome. It was daring enough for NASA to send Perseverance to Mars with no idea whether it would make it there or not. And even more daring to attempt a launch of Ingenuity against all odds of it succeeding. There is honor and boldness in trying, and that's worthy of a medal.

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