Get To Sesame Street - 500 Mile Spark Special

The road to Sesame Street is still open to new 500-mile challengers. While pins and medals for this distance are sold out, we have a new opportunity available for only $15 – our team calls it Sesame 500 Lite.

You’ll receive:

  • Access to the 500-mile challenge via the Spark Challenges mileage tracking app

  • The opportunity to share your progress with our private Facebook group

  • A personalized waterproof bib

While this is hosted on our Spark Challenges app, tracking your mileage through the platform is entirely up to you. If you choose to use the app, be sure to sync it with the same email address you provide below. Your bib will ship regardless.

If you deselect the “Printed Bib” option below, a bib number will randomly be assigned to you. Bibs will ship the third week of each month in a standard white envelope with a postage stamp.

Required for mobile reporting.
please enter a bib number
Bib No.



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